About Us

WALKING WILDFLOWERZ is a small business based in Perth Western Australia and is run by a passionate young female creative, Micah Walker (me!).

The aim of this brand is that of intentionality.

This business began with designing collections inspired and named after unique women in my life who are real life WALKING WILDFLOWERZ. With every collection I aimed to replicate and reflect the beauty that these women emanate. WALKING WILDFLOWERZ offered handmade seed bead and freshwater pearl jewellery with materials that had been ethically and sustainably sourced as best possible.

However, I realised that even though I was making pieces that were ethical and sustainable I was just creating more "stuff" without a purpose. 

I then embarked on a journey of upcycling and fell in love!

I started testing the waters by selling our new pieces only at markets around Perth/Boorloo such as; Second Life Markets, Fashion Thrift Society and Perth Makers Market. You guys loved them as much as I did, so here we are! 

This new direction is one that I am proud to be taking WALKING WILDFLOWERZ in and I am truly sticking to the vision statement  of this brand;

“Conscious creationz for our planet and people.”

Thank you for all the love, because this is only the beginning <3

Much love,

M x

Oh and did I mention we have a blog? Well besties we do! For EVEN MORE about why and how WALKING WILDFLOWERZ was birthed and about each CAPSULE go give it a squiz on the Our Stories page.