Who and why is WALKING WILDFLOWERZ you may ask?


Well, here I am to answer.


WALKING WILDFLOWERZ’s story began in March 2021.


I had gone through a major anxiety breakdown which left me completely broken and lost for well over 6 months.


I’d leave the house in hopes of an escape from my thoughts, to only wish to come back home. But when I was home, I would crave sleep but for the life of me could not find any due to being so stuck in my head.


These sleepless nights being stuck in my head, were plagued with self-doubt, desperate prayers seeking answers as to why my world felt like it was falling apart and ultimately loneliness.


So, you may be wondering where the heck does beaded jewellery come in?


Well, due to these restless nights I found peace in beading and listening to podcasts or music that calmed me.


I had always loved the style of freshwater pearls and seed beads but couldn’t find any that I was fully in love with that was being made in Perth.


So, I made my own…


It started with making jewellery for myself, to then making gifts for other people, to then launching WALKING WILDFLOWERZ as we know it on the 1st of December 2021 (first day of summer baby!).


And that is a very VERY short version how and why of the WALKING WILDFLOWERZ birth.


She means the world to me and I am so stoked to grow with you all.


“Wild things happen in stillness.” – Tess Guinery


Much love,


M x

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