The beginnings of the UPCYCLED CAPSULE began last year November with the cutest set of moon, heart, and butterfly charms I had found on an old childhood necklace that my sister gave me. I had a vision and goal to turn this into the cutest set ever! Fast forward to December I had my first stall at Second Life Markets, and it was one of the first pieces to sell to a beautiful girl named Tian.

 After making a few pieces and selling them at more markets I realised I loved the concept of being challenged to redesign pieces using beads and pearls I have found at local op-shops in Perth/Boorloo. My main stock at these markets were now upcycled pieces and ya’ll kept asking me when they would be available online.

But the main reason I chose this direction is because I realised, I was still just making “more stuff” with each drop. I wasn’t sticking to the vision statement of WALKING WILDFLOWERZ;

“Conscious creationz for our planet and people.”

Even though I took great care and time to make sure I was buying my materials with a good conscious, I was still just adding to the cycle of making more new stuff for this community to consume. Now I can confidently say that we are sticking true our vision.

Yes, I am technically making “more stuff” but I am lessening my own impact on the environment by having the majority of our materials second-hand. I am now giving new life to old and discarded pieces of jewellery for you all to have and love forever.

In saying this I am in no way going to be cutting back in the quality of our pieces. Our clasps and extensions will remain the same. I am also going to continue with only two of our existing pieces the HAYLEY and JANE sets, which ya’ll love so dearly!

This new direction is even more exciting because each piece is so unique and cannot be replicated exactly the same ever again!

I am extremely grateful for all the love and support the last two years (two years?!?!? Already?!!?!) that you all have been on this journey with me <3

I am so stoked for this new season!


Much love,

M x

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